JMP Medical extends the scope of support in the UK

Operating as JMP Medical Solutions LTD in the UK since 2021, JMP Medical has expanded its reach and is taking the next step towards growth. Our international presence fosters creativity, diversity, and a keen sensitivity to customer needs. We’re proud to offer easy access to our solutions for UK customers, free from the challenges of customs procedures.

A cornerstone of our commitment is service support. Our experienced engineers, who possess Industry expertise, are now strategically placed close to our valued customers and business partners. We recognize the criticality of reliable medical equipment operation, which fuels our comprehensive service approach. Not only does it ensure uninterrupted functionality, but it also extends equipment lifespan.

Heading our UK service team is Sean Jones, a professional with an impressive track record of 30 years. His invaluable experience adds depth to our service offerings. With 24/7 remote monitoring of unit’s parameters, finely-tuned logistics, and our team’s exceptional flexibility, we guarantee on-site arrival within hours for unforeseen breakdowns. Rapid responses and effective solutions are our promises.

With our support, you can focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional patient care.

  • Rapid Diagnosis and Repair: Experience swift response times for troubleshooting and technical issues, ensuring minimal downtime and uninterrupted diagnostics.
  • Regular Technical Inspections: Scheduled equipment check-ups, calibrations to maintain optimal technical performance.
  • Remote Assistance and Phone Support: Gain access to expert technical guidance via remote connections or phone calls, accelerating issue resolution and providing usage insights,
  • Swift Spare Parts Delivery: Count on swift delivery of genuine spare parts whenever replacements or repairs are needed,
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer: Empower your staff with specialized training on equipment operation, and adherence to safety standards,
  • Dedicated Technical Liaison: Enjoy a personalized technical point of contact who’ll track issues and ensure seamless communication between your facility and JMP Company,
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Access user manuals and stay informed about potential hardware changes,
  • Relocation Services: Planning to move? We’ve got you covered! JMP Company offers seamless relocation solutions for your imaging diagnostics lab, including transportation and establishment in a new location,
  • Remote Monitoring: Benefit from remote equipment monitoring, enabling early issue detection and preventing major breakdowns,

Rest easy knowing JMP Company guarantees swift action during critical situations, safeguarding patient care.
Let us be your partner in securing your future. Reach out to discuss your service needs today and experience the JMP difference.

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