Mobile and modular diagnostic units

We create mobile solutions based on imaging diagnostics technology. We produce modular units, distinguished by the possibility of relocation to environments where normal access to them is limited.


Modular medical units

The JMP Medical modular units are a complete mobile labs adapted to MRI, CT and X-ray imaging examinations and diagnostics. The most important feature of mobile diagnostic units is the ability to quickly change their location, while maintaining the completeness of the equipment.

Our solutions:
Mobile computed tomography and MRI unit
Innovative mobile & modular medical units

Mobile medical units

Mobile medical units are created for patients with limited access to examinations and diagnostic facilities. Our solutions allow you to reach people who are beyond the reach of stationary units and enable diagnosis at an early stage of the disease development.

Our solutions:

Magnetic resonance systems storage

Our experience as well as technological and logistic facilities allow us to provide additional services related to diagnostic imaging equipment. We provide MRI storage and servicing services, as well as their disposal and recovery of helium from MRI installations.

Professional services:
Magnetic resonance systems storage

Supported technologies

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