Relocatable and Mobile Medical Units

The JMP Medical Units that’s completely equipped and furnished units that can be fully operational within hours from delivery.


Relocatable Medical Units

Relocatable Modular Medical Units are designated for fixed or extended period of placement. The modulars fit in most sites without compromising on quality or the patient experience. The scan room is conveniently accessible from the ground level.
Equipped with the optional hydraulic lifting system the module can be loaded and settled without crane support on-site.

Our solutions:
Mobile computed tomography and MRI unit
Innovative mobile & modular medical units

Mobile Medical Units

Mobile Medical Unit is designed for short-term placement. Based on wheels Mobile Medical Unit can reach patients with limited access to healthcare imaging centers. They can also be used as a backup in case of local facility scanner failure/maintenance/replacement.

Our solutions:

Benefits of relocatable & mobile medical imaging units

The most common reasons to invest in relocatable or mobile medical solutions are:

  • to avoid space shortage,
  • to avoid patient backlog
  • to improve patient throughput,
  • to initiate the MRI/CT healthcare service,
  • to avoid healthcare service disruptions during facility renovation/system replacement
  • to reach patients located distantly
  • to place auxiliary medical device/scanner dedicated to distinct group of patients (eg. infected)

Supported technologies

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