Mobile Medical Units

We create mobile medical units for patients with limited access to research. Our solutions allow you to reach people who are beyond the reach of stationary units and diagnose the early stages of disease development.


Mobile MRI unit

Our MRI product portfolio also includes a mobile solution that is exceptionally fast, productive and precise. With JMP Medical’s mobile MRI trailer, you can improve the scope and availability of MRI services for your patients.

Mobile Xray bus for better diagnostics

Mobile MRI and X-ray diagnostic solutions

Mobile diagnostic units allow you to perform tests in places with limited access to this type of services. Thanks to the appropriate design of the laboratory, it enables efficient and effective diagnosis in locations with increased demand for imaging diagnostics services.

As part of the modular studio offer, we provide:
– preparation of the design of the studio,
– carrying out preparatory work,
– adaptation of the studio to the client’s needs,
– preparation of the studio to provide services.


Effective medical care is early diagnosis

The mobile diagnostic units that are able to move make it possible to overcome problems related to the limited access to diagnostic tools in a very short time.

Lead time

The mobile medical units are designed in accordance with management systems and the standardization of the process allows for quick implementation.


The complete equipment of mobile units makes them independent laboratories, with the possibility of any relocation.


Delivered units are ready for use in the shortest possible time, even several hours after delivery to the site.


Mobile diagnostic units can be adapted to the customer's needs, from equipment to decor.

Technology providers

Find out more about mobile medical trailers and modular medical units

To find out more about our range of mobile and modular diagnostic lab solutions, please contact our customer service.

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