CT Suite

CT Suite is a light computed tomography unit, created by the research and development team of JMP Medical, as a response to the needs reported by users.

CT Suite

CT Suite that’s the module designed for short-period placement. Equipped with hydraulic lifting system the CT Suite may be an attractive alternative to mobile CT trailer (no need for extra cost of the elevator – examination room is on the ground level; comfortable dimensions). Due to non-corrosive materials like sandwich panel housing or aluminum finishing profiles this light construction can assure long-term durability.

Supported technologies


A comprehensive and self-sufficient solutions

Modern technologies used to increase the efficiency and facilitate the work of the workshop staff.


A complete solution, equipped with all elements of the computed tomography radiology laboratory.


The innovative construction technology that allows to reduce the thickness while maintaining the high insulation properties of the walls increases the usable space inside the studio.


Full protection against ionizing radiation.


Comfortable working conditions ensured by efficient air conditioning and optimal lighting.


Complete interior finishing tailored to the user’s needs.


Support in the design of the space necessary for the work of the studio.

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