Mobile mammography unit

Mobile Mammography Trailers (Mammobuses) produced by JMP Medical are used to facilitate access to screening tests for women living in areas remote from health care facilities. The standard of tests performed in a mammobus does not differ from the standard guaranteed in a stationary facility.

Mobile mammography unit

The mammography trailers are the best solutions to expand the take-up of breast screening by reaching the women lacking fix systems in their neighbourhood. With comfortable interior design and easy access MBSU help to reduce the non compliance rate and, in consequence, improve the cancer screening effectiveness.

Supported technologies


A comprehensive and self-sufficient solutions

Fully equipped, mobile medical units for breast examination and diagnostics.


Standard equipment, corresponding to stationary facilities, allowing easy access to services.


Mammobus has diagnostic rooms based on the latest diagnostic technology.


The structure was designed with the safety of patients and medical personnel in mind.


Mobile diagnostic points have a number of amenities that make them efficient medical service points.


Mammobuses are fully customizable. Both their appearance and equipment can be personalized at the customer’s request.


We are a manufacturer and a trusted technology provider. We provide support at every stage of cooperation.

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