Mobile radiography unit


Mobile radiography unit

Produced for the needs of the prison service, the X-ray Ambulance is used to carry out examinations of people in prisons. Equipped with a Philips X-ray machine, the ambulance is a fully functional, self-sufficient (with access to an electricity source) unit.

Supported technologies


A comprehensive and self-sufficient solutions

The final design and equipment are always adapted to the individual requirements of the customer.


A mobile vehicle, equipped with X-ray machines, enabling medical services at any point.


Modern X-ray equipment and comprehensive technological equipment, adapted to the comprehensive provision of diagnostic services.


Rooms designed with the safety of patients and staff in mind. Solutions limiting the penetration of radiation were applied.


In the X-ray ambulance, a number of amenities were applied, contributing to the improvement of patients’ comfort and increasing the efficiency of staff work.


There is a possibility of full personalization of the mobile X-ray lab, from the visual and technological side.


We provide support for producers and suppliers of technologies used in the X-ray ambulance.

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