Modular CT units

The modular CT laboratories are fully equipped portable buildings enabling the quick provision of diagnostic services.

Modular CT units

Modular CT laboratories are fully equipped portable buildings that meet the requirements of construction industry. JMP Medical laboratories can be built without disturbing the work of the target facility, and at the same time constitute a fully functional, comfortable and modern solution that can compete in quality with the most advanced conventional radiology offices.

Supported technologies


A comprehensive and self-sufficient solutions

A complete, modular computed tomography laboratory, created with the use of modern technologies.


A complete solution, equipped with all elements of the radiology laboratory.


Advanced protection against ionizing radiation.


Electrical installation adapted to the computer tomograph being installed.


Comfortable working conditions ensured by efficient air conditioning and optimal lighting.


Studios with the possibility of full interior finishing, in order to adapt to the user’s needs.


Ability to start routine work within a few hours after delivering the studio.

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