Mobile Medical Imaging Units

Mobile medical trailers, equipped with the most modern diagnostic tools. We present complete solutions for mobile diagnostic imaging, developed for quick-deployment.

Modular medical MRI units and trailers

Our technological partners


The latest diagnostic technologies designed for rapid deployment

Progressive technological development and increasing demand for medical services, in particular diagnostic services, require quick and effective actions. Our imaging and diagnostic solutions, in the form of mobile and modular diagnostic units, are a response to the needs of the global market.
Mobile computed tomography and MRI unit

Mobile diagnostic solutions tailored to the customer's needs

Each industry is different in terms of specific requirements, which is why our mobile diagnostic units respond to the specific needs of our clients, in accordance with their sector and medical specialization.


We create professional solutions that require the use of the highest quality components and are compliant with highest standards.


We care about the safety of users and patients who use our mobile diagnostic laboratories, thus we design it in accordance to norms.


Thanks to the appropriate production processes and the technology used our products are characterized by high reliability .


Modular and mobile laboratories require precision, which is why we provide comprehensive diagnostic solutions .


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