About the Company

Manufacturer of high-end specialized Medical Units

JMP Medical as the manufacturer of Mobile & Relocatable Medical Units and Modular Buildings supports worldwide healthcare providers to reach their full potential. With the offices located in Poland and UK our company supports our customers with high-quality complete solutions.

About Us

We continuously improve

We at JMP Medical believe that to ensure we continue to meet the customers expectations we have to provide continuous improvement in all of our solutions. That’s the reason of company’s strong investment in R&D. With the new 3.500 m2 R&D Center we know we are capable to respond to all requests.

Modułowe pracownie diagnostyczne MRI
Our Vision

Increasing the availability of diagnostic imaging tools

We design practical, portable imaging and diagnostics systems. Due to the low power requirement and their lightweight design, they can be used in medical centers with limited own resources, places of increased demand, or in developing countries.
Our Philosophy

Developing innovation in the field of mobile diagnostic tools.

Our Goal

We consistently strive to increase the availability of diagnostic solutions.

An investment in health is an investment in future

We offer our contribution to the development of mobile technologies and increasing the availability of diagnostic tools.


Why choose JMP Medical?

By choosing JMP Medical solutions, you gain high product quality and a guarantee of full technical and logistic support.

Availability and response time

We provide comprehensive pre- and post-sale support for our business and orgnizational clients.

Specialized and experienced staff

We are a team of multidisciplinary specialists who constantly expand their competences.

Work quality management

We work in accordance with global management systems for work organization and production technology.

Certificates and standards


Meet our Specialists

Our team consists of specialists in many fields, working together to spread the mobile medical care.

Find out more about mobile medical trailers and relocatable medical units

To find out more about our range of mobile and relocatable imaging diagnostic units, contact our customer service.

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