Modular MRI units

It is a modern solution that works well wherever temporary projects or cost optimization are required.

Modular MRI units

Modular MRI units are a solution for centers where a conventional solution cannot be used due to the lack of space, length of the project as well as the need to optimize costs.

The modularity of the studio allows it to be adapted to the client’s needs. Thanks to this, the system can be expanded with a number of solutions, while maintaining the standards and meeting technical requirements, so that modular MRI diagnostic units can provide additional infrastructure for existing hospital buildings.

Mobilna pracownia tomografii komputerowej i MRI

Supported technologies


A comprehensive and self-sufficient solutions

Modular MRI diagnostic laboratories are an innovative solution, the appropriate personalization of which allows meeting individual customer requirements. These labs provide an ideal environment for imaging technology, minimizing facility commissioning time.


The lab is delivered fully furnished, also in accordance with the client’s requirements.


State-of-the-art technologies from renowned manufacturers of advanced MRI machines.


Highly effective RF shielding and magnetic shield for safety when working with MRI.


Created in optimal dimensions for the user, with numerous amenities for patients.


Finishing of the mobile MRI lab in accordance with the client’s preferences. The possibility of complete personalization of the appearance.


Mobile laboratories are supported by both the manufacturer and technology suppliers.

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