JMP Medical and FlexRay Medical ApS collaboration

Our first custom-made MRI modular Unit was delivered to customer in Denmark!

We are happy to announce, we have started working on projects with FlexRay who will be providing tailor-made modular solutions on the Scandinavian market. When we say tailor made, we mean what you need from the modular combined with fulfilling all the specific Danish building regulations.  JMP Medical is not only about the diagnostic imaging. If the facility shows a need for such services, our Units can be located as a permanent object on the basis of a building permit. Our company will deal with all the formalities related to our Solutions – from a building permit, preparatory works, adapting the Unit to the hospital building to the final connection with a power supply. JMP Medical provides professional service and logistics that our costumers doesn’t have worry about anything or to look for solutions by their own – if there is a regulation specific to Denmark or any other country, we will take care about that.

– I’m happy to develop our solutions with a reliable partner in Scandinavia. I believe this new distribution agreement brings new opportunities for customers who expect the highest quality – says Michał Pigłas, CEO at JMP Medical.

Our main goal is to increase the availability of imaging diagnostic centers, which would allow timely response to the patient’s progressive disease. Usually they are located in larger cities, making it difficult to reach for the elderly, the lonely, the sick and the poor to make a diagnosis.

Moreover, limited number of devices in hospitals and medical facilities makes the waiting time for the examination longer, which it turns in to an additional time for the treatment of diseases and degenerations.

– With years of experience working together within different business areas, we have now decided to combine our strengths on modular solutions, ensuring we deliver the best solutions to customers in Scandinavia – says Simon Dyrup Nielsen, Chief Procurement Officer & Partner at FlexRay Medical ApS.

Thanks to careful planning and coordination together with FlexRay Medical ApS completed, the Unit got the commissioning done in only 7 working days.



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