JMP Medical grows through cooperation with Medispace B.V.

Our continuous efforts for high quality gained recognition from Medispace B.V., the European mobile MRI and CT units supplier.

The first result of our cooperation is the Relocatable Building equipped with GE Healthcare SIGNA Explorer.

JMP Medical provides complete solutions including the RF shield, a water chiller, HVAC System and furniture. Our highly effective RF shielding and magnetic shield ensures work safety and environment protection. Moreover, we pay special attention on comfortable working conditions – for that reason every Unit is ensured by efficient air conditioning and optimal lighting.

– There is nothing worse than working for many hours in the dark or in artificial light, without access to daylight and fresh air. With JMP Medical’s Units we don’t have that problem anymore – says Kasia, one of the radiology technician, who JMP Medical asked for opinion, to make the working conditions of radiology technicians better.

Our Solutions are fully furnished in accordance with the highest standard, but also we understand a need of uniqueness. That is why, every costumer can design it the way he likes. This is how we can get not only a modern and comfortable space for employees, but also a patient-friendly examination room.

We are proud, this is our Unit which will allow to overcome the challenges of limited access to MRI healthcare service and will help patients in United Kingdom.



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