MRI Trailer – new dimension of an immediate assistance

We are very happy to announce that our MRI Trailer has left the realm of dreams and joined our portfolio!

MRI Trailer – mobile MRI is a revolution in the availability of MRI tests. JMP Medical decided to response to the growing challenges faced by health care facilities and enter market with the mobile laboratory. This solution allows to overcome the problems associated with the limited access to diagnostic imaging tools in a very short time, especially in places with increased demand.

The unit, which is permanently attached to a trailer, not only does not require a building permit, surface preparation or construction cranes, but also allows 100% adaptation to customer needs – including new ones that may appear in the future.

In case of space development, any arranging changes or urgent need, costumer can quickly, easily and without additional costs, move the MRI Trailer to the selected location.

Moreover, the MRI Trailer will be ready to continue its work as soon as it will arrive at its new location. Transport does not require to rump-down the magnetic field – once you rump it up, it will stay there for as long as you need!

Each unit is equipped with a Faraday cage made by our specialist and every necessary devices for  a safe and proper work of MRI. The interior arrangement can be adapted to the client’s preferences. We also offer optional equipment and a number of additional functions.

Fastest relocation and fully equipped lab allows to provide an immediate help. As the MRI Trailer is a ready to use solutions, it can serve as an immediate imaging tool at locations where the demand has not been known so far, e.g. car accident places, refugee assistance points or even during the sport events which are related to high injuries risk, e.g. – Formula 1 races or speedway matches.

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