New Solution in the JMP Medical’s portfolio!

The light-weight CT Unit with Hydraulic Lifting System is here!

The CT CUBE is between 35 and 40 square meters on Hydraulic Lifting System that can be moved without crane support. In case of need for urgent access to diagnostic imaging / improved patient flow this Units meets your requirements!

  •  No need for a crane support
  •  Reduced weight
  •  Shorter production time
  • Fully equipped, ready-to-use solution

Together with our business partner MEDSER Medical Services we have designed and manufactured our new solution. CT Suite with Hydraulic Lifting is offering to medical staff and patients a comfortable room size with sufficient freedom of movement for the examination and other equipment such as a contrast media injecors.


Some patients find the examination in a CT scanner cramped or scary. That’s why it was very important to our partner to make the room as comfortable as possible. According to this, the wish of MEDSER Medical Services was to pay attention to harmonious color combinations together with warm wood tones and equipped the treatment room with beautiful wall and ceiling paintings.

This spacious medical unit can be relocated on any demand of the costumer to support patients in a place of increased need imaging diagnostictest test.

Our Relocatable CT Units are completely equipped and furnished. The units can be fully operational within moments after delivery. The challenges to be addressed by JMP solutions include avoiding space shortages, avoiding patient backlogs or improving patient throughput. Moreover, JMP Medical solutions let our customers to avoid disruption of healthcare services during facility renovation / imaging device replacement and reach patients residing far from healthcare centres. Placement of an auxiliary medical device/scanner can be dedicated to a distinct patient group, e.g. infected patients.


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