Relocatable CT with Hydraulic Lifting

Another Medical Unit leaves our manufacture to help patients around the World!

Stunning Relocatable CT with Hydraulic Lifting created for Canon Medical Systems Europe is equipped in CT Prime SP Aquilion Modern. This fully functional, self-sufficient Unit with a modern interiors and top-quality equipment is also worry-free for transport – wherever in Europe our customers are located, you can bring our CT Rapid Response 2.0 anywhere.

This Mobile Imaging Solution can be transported by sea, air, train, or road. Placement is safely done by a crane, using the built-in crane eyes. After placement and leveling, the set-up of the system is done in a minimum amount of time to start your imaging service.

This Relocatable CT with Hydraulic Lifting is a very spacious model with enhanced features to provide comfort. Thanks to that the imaging experience is very positive for both – patients and staff.

After patient will change in an integrated dressing room ensuring their privacy, usually comes the most stressful moment – the test time.

For most patients a feeling of anxiety is caused by past experiences and a imagination of an “old fashion” – diagnostic imaging rooms: often located in the cellar, with no access to the day light can bring a feeling of being captured. That is why we pay so much attention to the details and interior finishing.

LED-lighting and ceiling art provide a calm distraction for patients and creates a feelling of an open space what is very important in case of patients who are struggle with claustrophobia or just being afraid of small and closed spaces.

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