JMP Medical begins operations in the UK!

We are very pleased to announce, that in response to the demand for JMP Medical solutions, we decided to be closer to our British customers and business partners! From now the JMP Medical Solutions LTD can support you from London. 

There is no greater happiness for us than the fact that our international customers are coming back to us, looking for a trusted and satisfying solutions. Therefore, we are proud to contribute with  building an opinion, that Polish products means great quality.

Polish entrepreneurs prove that in the era of a pandemic, foreign expansion is possible not only on distant markets, but also on the demanding and competitive European market. The recent successes of Polish companies confirm that Europe remains a region that is still worth focusing on in terms of business development – in particular its central and southern part. The potential of this direction is evidenced by, inter alia, systematically growing GDP, innovativeness of economies, open-minded and cooperative partners, but also by the growing wealth of potential customers.

We are proud that our hard work turns into a increasing the popularity of Polish products on the global market and that we can participate in the economic development of our country.

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