Community Diagnostic Center

Meeting all regulations and requirements for buildings, the Modular and Relocatable Support Unit is designed to provide a complementary solutions equipped with medical imaging devices and patients reception.


Community Diagnostic Center

Constructed off-site JMP Modulars and Relocatables can be joined together to form Community Diagnostic Centers. This flexible all the key infrastructure in situ solution can be rapidly developed and deployed at strategically selected locations to provide diagnostic imaging healthcare services.

Benefits of the Community Diagnostic Center (CDC):

  • rapid deployment of central hub infrastructure using modern methods of construction,
  • reduction in waiting times for urgent and non-acute diagnostic services,
  • freeing up the essential space of the main hospital,
  • providing a safer patient pathway in terms of infection control,
  • bringing services closer to the patient.
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Modular Support Unit

Modular Support Unit is designed to provide a complementary solution of Modulars equipped with medical imaging device and patients reception.

It includes, as a standard, the following rooms:

  • Reception desk,
  • Waiting room,
  • Toilet,
  • Consultation room.

Additional functionality for existing medical diagnostic units

Modular support units are designed to expand existing medical units, enriching their functionality and appearance. The solutions used in support units are designed with the patient’s comfort and service in mind.

Lead time

The support units are designed in accordance with management systems and the standardization of the process allows for quick implementation.


The community center & hubs dedicated to mobile and modular medical units does not require any foundations.


Delivered community hubs are ready for use in the shortest possible time, even several hours after delivery to the site.


Support units for medical units can be fully adapted and customized according to the client's needs, from equipment to decor.


Find out more about Community Diagnostic Centers for modular medical laboratories

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Cross-section of CDC
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