Relocatable medical units

Relocatable medical units manufactured by JMP Medical are a complete mobile buildings adapted to MRI and CT imaging diagnostics. It is an innovative solution that increases the availability of services, while shortening the time of their implementation.


Relocatable Medical Buildings

JMP offers comprehensive medical units for diagnostic imaging at any location. Completely equipped and furnished the units can be fully operational within moments after delivery. The challenges to be addressed by JMP solutions include:
– avoiding space shortages,
– avoiding patient backlogs & improving patient throughput,
– avoiding disruption of healthcare services during facility renovation,
– reach patients residing far from healthcare centres,
– placement of an auxiliary medical device dedicated to a distinct patient group.


Relocatable MRI & CT Units

JMP Medical’s Relocatable Medical Units are the best solution wherever conventional buildings cannot be used due to space, cost or time constraints. Up to 60-minute fire rating allows the building to be permanently located in immediate proximity of existing healthcare infrastructure. Dedicated to every Imaging device the Relocatable medical buildings fit in most sites without compromising on dimensions, quality or the patient experience.


The optimal possibility of relocating a complete diagnostic unit

Relocatable medical units are dedicated to entities that plan to start or intensify the performance of imaging diagnostics services.

Lead time

The units are designed in accordance with management systems and the standardization of the process allows for quick implementation.


The foundation of JMP temporary relocatable diagnostics units does not require any foundations.


Delivered medical units are ready for use in the shortest possible time, even several hours after delivery to the site.


Relocatable medical units can be fully adapted and customized according to the client's needs, from equipment to decor.


Find out more about relocatable medical buildings and relocatable medical units

To find out more about our range of relocatable diagnostic & imaging units, please contact our customer service.

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