Mobile MRI trailer


Mobile MRI trailer

Mobile MRI is JMP’s response to the growing challenges faced by healthcare facilities. The Magnetic Resonance Trailer (MRI Trailer), which is designed for swift relocation, allows you to overcome the problems related to the limited access to diagnostic tools, in places with increased demand in a very short time.

Supported technologies


A comprehensive and self-sufficient solutions

JMP mobile MRI is a fully equipped MRI trailer lab that guarantees the highest quality and comfort of work.


Comprehensive equipment makes mobile MRI a full-fledged diagnostic laboratory.


Advanced MRI technology guarantees the highest quality of services.


The use of appropriate solutions makes mobile laboratories safe for both staff and patients.


The laboratories are adapted to admit patients with mobility limitations.


Each studio corresponds to the individual needs of the client and can be fully configured.


The laboratories are supported by the manufacturer and the technology supplier.

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