Nordic Modular Solutions

Our experience and past projects enable us to meet Scandinavian countries’ strict building regulations.
We combine Polish engineering with Scandinavian usability and eco-friendly solutions to deliver optimal results.

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Nordic Modular and Relocatable Units

A Nordic Modular Solution provides an appealing and unique option for upgrading or enlarging your current facilities through compliant construction methods that involve completing all the construction work at JMP Medical’s facilities, rather than using traditional methods of renovation or expansion.


A solution adapted to a demanding environment and legislations of the Scandinavian region

JMP Medical and FlexRay Medical offer a Nordic Modular Solution that is specifically customized to your requirements. This modular solution is a comprehensive, adaptable, and dependable unit that is optimized to meet your needs.


Choose from a range of customizable furniture, colours and high-end materials. Match existing facilities or switch them up to your needs.


Our well-thought-out layout and compact design provide a spacious experience. We design everything to optimally support the daily workflows.


The modular is equally suitable as a stand-alone unit, joined with existing buildings, and as a Community Diagnostic Center.


MRI Modular

  • Meets Nordic countries building codes, fire and electricity regulations
  • Complete building documentation to apply for a building permit
  • Magnetic shielding from pure iron or silicon steel
  • Available with a hydraulic lifting system
  • Water chiller for MRI included
  • Compatible with every MRI
  • Low-noise RF shielding
  • Up to 60 min fire rating

CT Modular

  • Complete building documentation necessary to apply for a building permit
  • X-ray shielding prepared in accordance with local requirements
  • Meets relevant building codes, fire and electricity regulations
  • Flexibility in design to meet customer preferences
  • Possibility to join Modulars into complexes
  • Available with a hydraulic lifting system
  • Compatible with every CT scanner
  • Up to 60 min fire rating
  • Durable A/C system
  • Hygienic finished
When one modular isn't enough

Community Diagnostic Center

Our Nordic Modular Solution makes your concerns about time constraints, cost and lack of space manageable.

The Community Diagnostic Center (CDC) is a solution that can make those ambitions come true. Each modular section is built separately and joined at the final destination.

Nordic modular solutions

Important details

Relocate Your Modular Solution with Ease

The Nordic Modular Solution is designed to be easily relocatable as all the necessary installations are integrated into the unit itself. The transportation process from our factory to your facility is conducted using a truck and low-loader, while the rest is taken care of by a locally arranged crane.

In case you need to relocate your facilities, we can move the modular unit from one place to another using the same transport method used during the initial delivery. The relocation process typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the system and the requirements from the MRI/CT OEMs for relocation.

Advantages of Nordic Modular Solutions

Some of the advantages of a modular & relocatable units:

  • A complete and well-tested building in known quality materials
  • Approved and checked by scanner supplier
  • An attractive alternative to a conversion/extension of an existing building
  • Investment in a modular solution is safe – Relocation or later resale is possible
  • The modular complies with all relevant building regulations


Find out more about Nordic Modular & Relocatable Solutions

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